Why Use Meditation to Explore Scripture?

Tim Werts Writings Leave a Comment

Because more “thinking about” scripture is not needed.

Wisdom tradition teachings are best experienced, not simply read, recited or written about.

In our culture that perpetually analyses, deconstructs, and psychologizes everything from the Russian Classics to internet memes, we do not need more cerebral understanding of scripture. We need less.

Meditation, or silent prayer, provides an approach to experience, at a gut level, the deeper meaning of these foundational teachings and helps us see the limitations of our current understandings more clearly. We will discover that there are layers of abstractions, theories, stories that often prevent us from directly experiencing scripture.

Meditation asks us to relax and let go of any forms of mental and emotional constructions and instead explore Life right here, right now. By opening to this very moment, softening our rigid belief structures, we can discover the hidden treasures of scripture.

This is the reason that the practice of meditation is critical to this process – it points us directly to the freedom of the scriptural passage, “Know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free”.

This is a heart knowing, a revelation, not an academic knowing.

In the Gospels, Jesus provided guidance to his followers – to realize what they were looking for, the Kingdom to God, that they must approach it like a child.

We too are looking for something, something transcendent, timeless and precious, and we too will approach this search like a young child – with an open sense of curiosity, innocence, and playfulness.

Tim Werts is a graduate of Jeff Carreira's Meditation and Awakening Training, and teacher in the Members Circle. He teaches simple meditation practices based on the parables of Jesus that open you to new experiences of these Christian teachings on faith, spiritual freedom, and living a life of abundance.
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