Tim Werts
Tim Werts
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A Message from Jeff Carreira
About Tim
Tim Werts is a graduate of Jeff Carreira's Meditation and Awakening Training, and teacher in the Members Circle. He teaches simple meditation practices based on the parables of Jesus that open you to new experiences of these Christian teachings on faith, spiritual freedom, and living a life of abundance.

After two decades of dedicated mediatation, I began experiencing the Bible differently. Scripture readings became fresh, more interesting and powerful, and very immediate, often leaving me wordless with deep gratitude for Life and love for the Divine.

What changed?

Like you, I live in today's paradigm where the mind is considered the ideal, if not the only, way to know something. By its very nature, our mind tries to understand everything through words, images, and concepts but when it comes to knowing God, our modern minds are inadequate.

A more direct way to experience God is possible, a way that transcends our limited words and concepts.

Jesus invited us to embrace a new paradigm, a "Metanoia" calling for profound change of heart and mind, so that we may experience a new relationship with our Creator, one grounded in a direct recognition of being created in the image of God and where all things exist interdependently within the universal Christ.

Cultures may have read his words many times over these two millinea and yet the full impact of Jesus' message is often missed - the direct realization of what Jesus' called the Kingdom of God, often called Eternal Life, is available to us today.

Through contemplative reading, deep meditation, and Spirit-lead inquiry, I invite you to explore with me a new way of experiencing Jesus' teachings. These sessions, called Sitting in the Kingdom, help free our hearts and mind from the never-ending attempt to capture the "correct" belief about God and liberate our spirit to directly experience Her love.

My passion is connecting with others to explore deeper, heart-felt encounters with the Holy Divine that result in greater unity and open new possibilities for life.

I offer half and full-day retreats called Sitting in the Kingdom that deeply explore Jesus' parables on the Kingdom of Heaven through a variety of exercises, discussions, and meditations. During these sessions you will be introduced to our natural capabilities for meditation, learn meditation practices that free you from the constant grip of the mental activities, and practice "sitting in the kingdom" with a variety of unique meditative postures based on Jesus' parables, all helping you be more available to receive guidance from the Holy Spirit and experience life in full.

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