The Subtle Art Of Leaving Everything As It Is

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with Jeff Sullivan
4 x 60min Sessions
The Subtle Art Of Leaving Everything As It Is

Meditation masters from all the great mystical traditions are unanimous in their insistence that we need to do nothing to spiritually awaken. Yet the majority of meditations that students are offered and diligently practice are simply techniques that engage in the act of doing and not being. These techniques of doing can be effective at stilling the mind, but they will never bring us into direct contact with the infinite freedom and ease of being that spiritual awakening promises is available to us in each and every instant. The deep freedom and ease of being accessed in genuine meditation makes possible a transformative shift in our being that radically remakes our relationship to our selves, others and the world.

To awaken we simply need to follow the great masters’ advice to do nothing and leave everything exactly as it is. Simple, right? But how do we actually learn to do this? Given that our culture is defined by constant doing, it can be nearly impossible to truly know when our doing has actually ceased. People can go for many, many years without realizing that their attempts at “leaving everything as it is” were nothing more than a subtle doing, a holding on to an idea of what meditation should be. All the while they thought they were leaving everything as it is, they were doing in subtle and mostly unseen ways.

In this 4 part experiential course we'll explore what it truly means to leave everything exactly as it Is. Over the course of 4 revealing 1 hour classes you’ll be invited to explore the art of allowing things to to be as they are at increasingly subtle layers of being. In the process you’ll be invited to discover a whole new and deeper way to meditate that you didn’t know was possible, a way that doesn’t rely on any doing whatsoever.

During each class you will be:

  • Invited to notice the subtle and not so subtle ways that you are trying to control your meditation experience.
  • Engage in guided meditation/contemplations specifically designed to help you discover and deepen the space of infinite freedom already within you
  • Have the opportunity to share about your experience and ask any relevant questions
Session 1
Leaving Things As They Are - Ending Outward Distraction
Silence and minimal visual content can be very conducive to developing a strong meditation practice. Yet meditation masters everywhere often remind us that our meditation practice should not be negatively impacted by what is going on around us. During this class you'll learn that sights and sounds are not the distraction you believe them to be. You'll discover a way of meditating that is unaffected by whatever sights and sounds are going on around you.
Session 2
Leaving The Body As It Is - Discovering The Body As Process
In this class you'll learn that the body is not a solid, static form and invited to experience the body as a dynamic, mysterious, ever-changing process. You'll discover the subtle ways you may grip onto your body, explore bodily sensations as a gateway for greater freedom and be invited to have a new and liberating relationship with your body.
Session 3
Leaving Emotions As They Are - Remaining Unmoved By Negative Feelings
Whether you are caught by intense emotions or entranced by more subtle ones, you can discover within yourself the capacity to remain inwardly unmoved. In this class you'll learn how to avoid reacting to negative feelings and disengage from even the slightest of emotions. You'll discover the inner freedom that exists when emotions are left just as they are.
Session 4
Leaving Thoughts As They Are - Disengaging From Automatic Thinking and Hidden Thoughts
It can be so easy to get caught up in our thoughts and forget that we are meditating. While surface thoughts can steal our attention, a deeper obstacle to powerful meditation comes from "hidden thoughts." In this final class you'll learn that true mediation is not about "clearing your mind" of thoughts but instead discovering how to disengage from the process of thinking altogether. You'll be invited to discover any hidden thoughts that limit the depth and possibilities of your meditation practice and given the opportunity to let go of them once and for all.
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A sought after facilitator of meditation groups and gifted transmitter of awakening, Jeff has come to know two things with unshakable clarity: (1) your life is a miracle, and (2) you were meant for much greater and grander things.
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