Contributing Teachers
In The Mystery School
The Mystery School for a New Paradigm is happy to announce the participating of five contributing teachers in addition to our founder Jeff Carreira, who will each be contributing their wisdom and expertise to our community. Each of the contributing teachers holds a unique perspective that plays an import role in an overall shift in paradigm. Our contributing teachers offer workshops twice a year (sometimes held live, sometimes pre-recorded) exclusively for the benefit of our Members Circle.

Jeff Carreira

Founder and Guiding Teacher

Meditation, Awakening and Paradigm Shifting

Nora Bateson

Contributing Teacher

Perceiving Complexity & Mutual Learning

Jeffrey J. Kripal

Contributing Teacher

Authoring New Possibilities into Reality

Susan Kullman

Contributing Teacher

Yoga, Taosim & Human Potential

Phil Moore

Contributing Teacher

New Paradigm Education

Dorothy Walters

Contributing Teacher

Kundalini Awakening