Eventful Horizon

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Eventful Horizon shows the human life cycle: Birth (golden egg of Brahma), Life (active hands – Vishnu) and Death (black hole – Shiva). The creator is transcendent to the creation yet is involved in creating every part of the image. (24″x30 ” Oil)

The Flip: A Review

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Jeffrey Kripal’s book, The Flip, has solidified both my respect and enthusiasm for the Rice University professor. By using concise logic, careful reason, solid scientific research, and a fascinatingly diverse and intriguing range of experience, he continues to bravely insist that our view of reality includes what we learn from anomalous states of consciousness.

Flying Home

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This poem describes taking off in an airplane through thick fog, and suddenly rising above the clouds into bright sunshine looking over the same clouds that were the fog, from a different point of view.

The Creative Flow

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Weaving a tapestry of shades of light that have colored my life in the flow of merging my feminine and masculine energies with passion and fire where authenticity and wholeheartedness have guided me…