The Mystery School for a New Paradigm
Summer Institute (2020)
In Portugal
With Jeff Carreira
July 18 to August 14, 2020

Stay The Entire Four Weeks

Or Stay For Just One Week

July 18 - Aug. 14, 2020

In Ourém, Portugal

Spend a month (or a week) in one of the most sacred and beautiful regions of Portugal and experience the miracle of spiritual liberation and the joy of awakened community.

This month-long Summer Institute is an exciting opportunity open only to members that begins on Saturday, July 18, and ends on Friday, August 14, 2020.

For 4 full weeks, you will have the opportunity to experience the depths of awakened consciousness and explore all of the mystical truths that inevitably reveal themselves in those depths.

You also have the opportunity to offer a class of your own to other participants either as an evening program, or an afternoon session.

You have the option of participating for the entire four weeks, or joining for only one week. 

For me, this is the fruition of a dream I’ve had for years - to create a space to experience the benefits of prolonged spiritual practice and co-evolutionary community together.

This is also an amazing experiment. Creating a 28-day opportunity for deep immersion and profound co-evolution.

Spend a month in a new paradigm and explore what life can be from there.

This adventure is only open to our Members Circle and we are endeavouring to offer it as affordably as possible.

I deeply respect and appreciate your commitment to awakening and your participation in this community and I will do everything I can to make this the most transformative month of your life.

I’ve had the opportunity to be on retreat for this long before, and it changed my life forever.

There is nothing I know of that equals the long-lasting transformative potential of this depth of sustained focus on awakening and communion.

I have never offered anything like this before, and I can already feel the explosive power that it will unleash even as I sit here and write to you about it.

As I said, this is a dream come true for me. I’m so happy to be able to offer this opportunity to our community.

I hope you will be able to join.


How the Summer Institute Works
The Details

The Summer Institute is only open to participants of the Members Circle and we only have room for twenty participants to attend on any given day.

The Institute House is a modern villa located in the beautiful Portuguese town of Ourém. The villa is built on the side of a hill with beautiful views of the valley below. 

In the Institute House, there will be room for meditation, yoga, presentations, and, of course, meals together. There is a swimming pool outside with an expansive view of the area.

The vision of the Summer Institute is to spend a month in a wonderful space where we have the time to devote ourselves fully to the spiritual calling that brought us together in the first place.

Every morning of the Summer Institute will be devoted to the practice of meditation, with guidance and teachings from Jeff Carreira.

The schedule during the afternoons will be more flexible. Those who need to work during the month will have time for that. Those who have skills to share can organize to offer classes in our meeting rooms.

The afternoons can also be spent visiting and enjoying the magnificence of the local area and spending time with new and old friends.

Each evening, there will be an evening program offered by one of our participants. All participants are invited to submit a proposal for an evening program offering.


The Institute House is located in the town of Ourém, Portugal.


The institute house is where all of the morning meditation sessions and the evening programs will be held. Breakfast and lunch will also be served here everyday as well.

During the afternoon, the two large rooms on the first floor of the Institute House will be available for participants to schedule classes or workshops they wish to teach.

The grounds of the Institute House, including the swimming pool, will be available for participants to use all afternoon.

Each day, participants will be encouraged to arrive in the morning for breakfast, and stay for the remainder of the morning sessions with Jeff, and lunch.

There will be a system in place that will allow you to schedule a class that you want to teach during the afternoon in one of the two meeting rooms.

Everyone will gather at the Institute House for the evening program at 7pm. The program schedule will be determined ahead of time, and all participants will be invited to submit proposals for evening programs they want to offer.

Daily Schedule at a Glance
  • 8 to 9 am: Breakfast
  • 9 am to Noon: Meditation sessions with Jeff
  • Noon to 1 pm: Lunch
  • 1 to 5 pm: Open schedule and participant-led classes
  • 5 to 7 pm: Dinner on your own or in self-organized groups
  • 7 to 9 pm: Evening Program
Meals and Accommodations

The tuition of the Summer Institute does not include lodging.

Participants need to find their own accommodation locally and the town of Ourém and its surrounding area offers many affordable options.

Once you register we will connect you with other registrants so that you can coordinate house sharing locally together. We will also create a private facebook group so you can communicate about sharing accommodations.

Delicious and wholesome breakfasts and lunches will be served everyday at the Institute. Fruits and other snacks will be available along with coffee and tea all day.

The evening meal is not provided. Participants are encouraged to either eat locally, cook wherever they are staying, or coordinate with our kitchen staff to use the Institute House to prepare their evening meal.


Registration for this retreat is only open to members circle participants.

20 participants can be accommodated at any given time and registration is offered on a first come, first serve basis, with preference given to month-long registrations.

Learn more by becoming a member.

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Meet the Host:
Jeff Carreira
Jeff Carreira has single pointedly pursued spiritual awakening for over twenty years. As the Director of Education of an international nonprofit organization he guided the spiritual growth and development of hundreds of individuals worldwide. He continues to lead groups of people through the mysteries of awakening and transformation guiding them into the profound depths of meditative practice and mystical inquiry. His sensitive and precise guidance will invite you into unlimited possibility. His direct and supportive manner of instruction consistently brings both experienced practitioners and novices alike to their most profound realizations.