[Group] Spontaneous Writing Circle

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Writing Circle
with Deborah Kaplan
Every Two Weeks
[Group] Spontaneous Writing Circle

Two months ago Deborah entered a weekly writing circle at a local poet’s home.

They met for two hours each week for seven weeks to write together in real time.

In three time periods, they wrote whatever came to mind (without censoring) after the leader read a poem.

The responses were thoroughly different in content and style , of course, but each were an attempt to touch and record what was present at that moment. After each period of writing , they read to each other without critique, thanking each reader.

What they experienced had many layers which showed up in my writing as well as the others. What was happening between us as a result of the commitment to stay in the moment was rich, honest, sensitive and surprising and showed up on the pages.

She wanted to continue this creative framework within the Members Circle.

The intention for this circle is not to hone writing skills or intended for writers. It is about gaining sensitivity to our inner listening.

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