Some Kiss We Want: Poems Selected and New

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by Dorothy Walters
Some Kiss We Want: Poems Selected and New

"This is a mature and indispensable mystical masterpiece by our most resplendent mystical poet. "
~ Andrew Harvey, Author of Turn Me to Gold: 108 Poems of Kabir

"The poetry of Dorothy Walters is rich with wisdom and heart and the wordsmith’s skill, but most importantly it has presence. Each poem rings in the mind and works a strange alchemy in the soul, leaving us giddy and hungry for the secret contact of spirit and body. Some kiss indeed!"
~ Ivan Granger, editor, Poetry Chaikhana, Real Thirst, Poetry of the Spiritual Journey: The Longing In Between, Sacred Poetry from Around the World

"Dorothy Walters has the heart and vision of a mystic and is rooted firmly in the ecstatic tradition, where the divine overflows into daily life. Her poems invite us into this holy mystery, kindling deep joy and love in her readers. Reading her poems becomes and act of prayer itself, inviting us to slow down and savor what is already within."
~ Christine Valters Paintner, PHD, author of 7 books on spirituality and the arts

"Dorothy Walters’ poetry is inspired, arising from a deep immersion in her own awakened heart. Let her words resonate with your own heart."
~ Sally Kempton, author, Meditation for the Love of It; Awakening Shakti

Dorothy Walters, PHD, taught college level English and American literature as well as Women's Studies in various Midwestern universities for most of her professional life. In 1981, at age 53, she experienced spontaneous Kundalini awakening, with little or no prior knowledge or experience in such things as yoga or meditation. This event was the beginning of a long process, which led her through many subsequent episodes of ecstasy and pain as the energies sought to balance and integrate within.
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