Sheila Gross

Sheila Gross Graduates

Nora Bateson
Teacher Training Graduate | Artist of Possibility Trainee
Sheila Gross
Edgewater, New Jersey, USA

About Sheila

Sheila evokes higher consciousness and inspires transformational shifts in perception with those she works with.

As long as I can remember, I have always wanted to share.

Whether in counseling & psychotherapy, meditation, transformational awareness, creating ceremony.

Whatever I have “come to”
I want to share.


Recently, after over 45 years of “inner seeking,” I have had a profound (yet simple) experience of seeing in a way I always hoped for, but never quite realized.

Now, this seeing is here
clear, present, and alive
shimmering with synchronicity, amazement, and flowing wonder
not for a ‘thing” or “person”
but for the precious gift of recognizing
beyond idea, concept, or form
the essence of what I had always intuited, but never quite accepted
too many years of conditioning; of film over eyes, mind, perhaps even heart.

The film has dissolved
I am seeing clearly.

And I want to share this with you,
in whatever way I can,
in whatever form may call to you.

(You will know---or intuit---what may work best for you)

My Offerings:

  • Counseling
  • Meditation
  • Ceremony
  • Speaking & Presenting


I would best call this, if it needs to be called anything, “awareness counseling”.
This isn’t about my ‘doing’ anything.
Being together, in the presence of nonconceptual awareness; of spaciousness
anything is possible

Together, we will explore & discover
what is “there” to be seen
to appear or dissolve.
A truly unique way of looking at what has been irking or disturbing us-----perhaps for a very long time
or to look at what is calling, beckoning us, from our deeper vision and wisdom.


I share meditation not as a tool or technique
not about focus or form.
Rather, as a wide open spaciousness
that just naturally appears
when we are connected to our own always-present pure awareness
the awareness we came in with
before we learned all the things we were---and were not
the pure, creative consciousness we were gifted at birth.

Sitting together. In stillness
we can palpably experience this essence.
No judgment invited,
we let everything be as it is.

The only word: surrender.
Surrender to that which you already are
but which may not now be apparent.

I invite you to join me in this divine immersion
into our very own souls,
however you choose to name this
or with no name at all.


As an ordained inter/all faiths minister which, for me, is a spiritual, human perspective:

  • A ministry of love,
  • in service to the sacred,
  • in everything and with everyone.

I create ceremonies that genuinely capture who you are, what you want to express, your vision and wishes.

My ceremonies (e.g. weddings) are truly unique:
warm, personal, creative
infinitely inclusive, and touching hearts----of all present.

Whether weddings, funerals, baby blessings or uniquely created rituals
creating ceremonies that uplift and transform
is my passion.

Passages of life:
birth, marriage, separation, transition, death
all can be captured, created, and transformed.

There is no occasion or circumstance that cannot be elevated via ceremony and ritual
created with precise vision and heartfelt intention, magic is possible!

Talk to me
about any ceremony you might like to have created
even the ones you do not yet know are calling to you.

Speaking and Presenting

I am available to speak on any & everything transformational.

There is always another way(s) of seeing
whether parents, who are having difficulty seeing their children marry “out of their faith or heritage”
or those wanting to taste the magic of meditation
to explore for themselves the mystery (and majesty) of seeing beyond our current paradigm
for those experiencing “problems”---with themselves, others, in relationships (always a biggie!)
self-doubts, fears, worries,
intentions, dreams, visions


In any realm of the human psyche, emotions, soul
I offer myself as your partner, companion, guide
(while having some degree of wisdom and intuition to offer, I have, most of all: a huge heart, little—if any---judgement, and exceptionally wide vision
seeing myself and others as we truly are
allows all of us to be seen as we truly are.

If you would like to know more about me
my own personal journey (from ‘there’ to ‘here’)
feel free to listen to my “what is my legacy” podcast in the resources below.

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