Sharon Kind
Sharon Kind

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About Sharon
Sharon Kind, Masters in Education, is a Qigong, Tai Chi Easy and Yoga instructor based in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area with over 35 years of study in Yoga and Qigong.

She is the founder of Yoga Evolution, a yoga and qigong studio in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Sharon is also an Interfaith Minister, Ontological Coach, Certified Medical Qigong and Yoga Instructor and an ongoing student of Yoga Philosophy, Mindfulness, Chinese Medicine, Qigong, Shamanism and Ayurveda. Sharon has been blessed to study with many leaders in the field of Qigong including Master Chunyi Lin, Roger Janhke, Master Li, Daisy Lee, Maso Hiro, Montak Chia, Lisa Van Ostrand, Reverend Song , Lee Holden and Gary Tong. . Sharon often combines yoga and qigong methodologies with her own diverse background empowering and guiding students to their own transformation. Sharon’s classes are a relaxed synergy of the best of modern day science , philosophy, poetry and ancient practices.

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