Self Mastery: The Science of Transcending Limiting Beliefs

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with Susan Kullman
5 x 60min Sessions
Self Mastery: The Science of Transcending Limiting Beliefs

We are currently in a very exciting time in the history of neuroscience. It is not enough to just know our limitations and how they got there but more importantly to know how to go beyond these beliefs and reach a new potential by creating a new reality for ourselves.

Up until now, we have been conditioned to believing that our external environment creates our internal state of being. However, the field of neuroscience, quantum physics and spirituality is proving the paradigm shift to the idea that our internal state of being creates and actually draws our desired future and external environment to us.

It is very exciting to think that we can actually create unlimited possibilities for ourselves. This paradigm shift is something the mystics and great thinkers always knew to be true and now finally science has caught up.

There is no longer a mystery or a magical sense that surrounds this paradigm shift.

In this five-module course you will walk through the step-by-step process of identifying the belief and state of being that is standing in your way of reaching your potential. You will identify and work with these thoughts and emotions so that they can be neutralized and un-memorized. you will then bring coherency to your body and mind as you align what you intellectually already know and get your body to feel the same way so that you can act in a way that begins to create your own future potential.

You will leave this five-module course with the tools you need in order to lay the groundwork to begin the process of literally changing your brain.

Module One:
The Science Of How Limiting Beliefs Are Formed

Scientists have estimated that the average adult has between 60,000 – 70,000 thoughts per day and approximately 90% of those thoughts are the same as the day before. Those same thoughts lead to the same choices which in turn lead to the same behaviors. Our behaviors and habits shape and create our reality.

​These same thoughts, choices, behaviors, experiences and emotions all keep driving the same thought of the “loop tape” which may have you feeling stuck in a patterns that are difficult to release.

​During the first module we will discuss in more depth how the majority of what we are experiencing is nothing more than a well grooved neurological habit and addiction. We will open the doorway into inquiry as to what are the neurological pathways we need to identify in order to create a new experience for ourselves.

Module Two:
Identification Of Our Own Personal Limiting Beliefs

Begin your journey into creating new and exciting possibilities for yourself. During module two you will dive into how to identify your personal limiting beliefs. We will have discussion, reflections and practices to help guide you into identifying the places in your life where you are consciously and unconsciously holding yourself back.

You will begin the step-by-step process of learning and unlearning the sense of self which is standing in your way.

Module Three:
How To Neutralize And Un-Memorize The Energy Of Limiting Beliefs

Embarking on the process of change will most certainly invoke the uncomfortableness of leaving your “uncomfortable comfort zones”. Learn how to bring a sense of coherency and alignment to your mind and body. The mind holds onto the intellectual knowledge (our story) while the body holds onto the emotion or the vibration.

It is the energy, which lives in the body which keeps us from feeling empowered and acting differently, even during periods of awareness. This is why you may know one thing and yet act completely different. You can neutralize and begin to un-memorize these habits, thoughts, and feelings.

​Learn how to use the mind to change the brain and learn how to remove the blocks which are standing in your way of reaching your desired outcomes.

Module Four:
Exploring The Unknown

Let’s move from enlightenment to empowerment! You will begin the process of getting the mind and body to work together in order to neuro-chemically teach the mind and body to merge into a new state of being.

Step into the unknown and begin to condition your nervous system to the unknown and unlimited possibilities. You will connect to the source of creation and power that exists in all of us in to get the our behavior to match our intentions.

​We will begin the process of embodying the knowledge and conditioning the body and mind to the future which we wish to create instead of staying stuck in the past.

Module Five:
Stepping Into A New Potential

New skills require repetition. During this last week we will outline a road map for you to walk away with to insure that your desired creations manifest in your life.

It is my intention that everyone leaves this course with the clarity on how to re-condition the body to a new mind and how to generate the creative emotions you need in order to set your new trajectory of reaching your new potential.

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When you meet Susan Kullman you immediately get a sense of her incredible energy and can’t help but think to yourself “I hope it’s contagious.” Susan Kullman, certified spiritual life coach, certified yoga therapist and life-long dancer, is the owner of Intentional Wellness and Yoga Center, located in Katonah, New York.
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