[Class] Self-Healing Through Guided Imagery

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Members Only Class
with Lauralee Kelly
4 Hours
Self-Healing Through Guided Imagery

Access deeper parts of yourself and learn tools to come into resonance with your body’s own self-healing capacity with a series of four guided self-healing sessions, led by massage therapist and healer Lauralee Kelly. Using intuition and guided imagery we will learn to decipher our body’s messages, replenish our energy, and clear old patterning. Participants will build their self-healing toolboxes with concrete skills to take with them and expand upon on their lifelong healing journeys.

Each session will begin with a short discussion outlining the various principles of healing, followed by time for questions and a guided healing journey. In each session you’ll come away with concrete tools and practices to build upon.

Session 1
Opening to Your Unique Healing Potential
Our introduction to energy healing through guided imagery will begin with a few fundamental techniques for connecting to Spirit. We will practice grounding techniques, ways of becoming more loving toward our own selves, and will go on a journey to deeply replenish our energy bodies and release anything that is no longer serving us.
Session 2
Listening to Your Inner Wisdom
Journey to deepest parts of the universe of yourself. Utilizing Craniosacral Therapy and Somato Emotional Release techniques, Lauralee will guide you in bypassing the thinking mind and directly accessing your body’s innate intelligence, enabling you to and access any held emotions, energy or traumas.
Session 3
Working With Your Inner Guide
In our final self-healing session we will journey to a very important meeting with one of your guides. Learn what your guide has been waiting to share with you, and how you can continue to use this valuable resource in conjunction with your infinite imagination to support you in any area of your life.
Session 4
Maintaining Healthy Boundaries
  • Do you wonder what blind spots you may have? Are there recurring patterns in your life or body that seem to not want to shift?
  • Learn why maintaining healthy boundaries is the single most important aspect to maintaining a healthy and fulfilling life.
  • Lauralee will share some energy techniques to manage your energy as you listen to your own system to discover where you may be in need of more protection or clearing.
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