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Rodney Spencer
Rockville, Maryland, USA

About Rodney

Rodney has an extensive background in Buddhist meditation. Informed by years of practice and numerous awakening experiences, he offers half and full day retreats in silent sitting, guided meditation, and explorations into compassionate and courageous living.

Early on in my life I was interested in spiritual aspects of life. Some unusual experiences as a child seemed to catalyze a spiritual search that in my early adulthood became the overriding focus of my life. This led me to find spiritual Teachers from both Buddhist and Hindu traditions, From them I learned to practice meditation, taken many spiritual transmissions, and gradually discovered a deeper nature to our lives.

After many retreats, and after living in a spiritual community with a Tantric Buddhist Teacher for over a decade, I felt moved to take teachings and retreats with an Advaita Zen Master. With this Teacher I had the awakening of the non-separate nature of the world. One can say that Oneness or Consciousness is always and already here, and that this nature is intrinsic to our basic being.

This Realization confirmed for me that Wisdom or Truth belongs to all of us. And it resonates with our deepest nature. Much larger than a personal self, this `empty` nature paradoxically is full of miraculous possibility, self-transcending love and enlightened awareness.

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