[Group] Remote Group Healing Sessions

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Members Only Group
with Lauralee Kelly
Weekly 60min Sessions
[Group] Remote Group Healing Sessions

Given the stressful times we are all living through we could all use some energetic healing to help keep our minds clear and our immune systems strong.

As I was thinking about how we could offer some healing to in the Members Circle my friend Lauralee Kelly came to mind. Lauralee is a member and a healer. I have received remote healing sessions with Lauralee for many years. I have always found her session to be tremendously calming and also energetically potent.

I asked Lauralee if she would be willing to offer remote group healing sessions in the Members Circle and she was happy to.


The Invitation from Lauralee
Please join me for a series of four group healing sessions. We will gather for a collective healing session where you will connect deeply to yourself and access your body’s innate intelligence. There will be remote energy healing during the call, and I will teach you tools to protect your energy and recharge yourself.

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