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Intentional Wellness
Free Workshops on Living with Intent and Passion
Susan Kullman
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12:00pm - 12:45pm US Eastern Time

Via Zoom Video Conferencing

These workshops are intended to be a sampling of Intentional Wellness and is suited for all levels of experience. Beginners are welcome!

In these workshops we address many aspects of physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being. We will begin with gentle movement and breath work and end with a short meditation and self-mastery awareness dialogue on living with intent and passion.

Intentional Wellness is a place to come together and experience a variety of mind, body, and soul modalities, which guide you to your own physical, emotional and spiritual connections.

We will embrace our sameness and uniqueness simultaneously as we connect to our authentic center.

Only from a place of individual specialness can we all join together as ONE.

It is recommended that you bring a yoga mat, yoga blanket or towel, a bolster, two yoga blocks and a chair.

Passion is Power. Intent is magic powder.
- Susan Kullman
What Clients and Students Are Saying

“Susan is a loving, supportive and knowledgeable coach, guide, and teacher. She brings all her experience to our coaching sessions. Our sessions are powerful as well as cathartic for me. I felt that in one short hour we addressed my whole person, mind, body spirit. For this, I am so thankful!”

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about my experience with Susan’s coaching. She’s helped me face some of my darkest demons in a way that left me not only feeling safe and loved, but empowered to believe I could actually do it. It’s not a journey I would’ve taken had I not met her, so I’m eternally grateful I did.”

“After years of traditional therapy, I have finally found the path to healing and transcendence through Self-Mastery coaching with Susan Kullman. Susan’s depth of understanding of the human condition is remarkable. She is a compassionate coach who gets to the source of an issue quickly and accurately. No staying stuck in the past. Susan has guided me toward peace and wholeness in ways that I never imagined. Her coaching has allowed me to evolve from the past to live in a fully-embodied present. I will continue to work with Susan to delve deeper into myself and to find what truly lies within. Don’t miss an opportunity to work with her. Her insight is a gift.”

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When you meet Susan Kullman you immediately get a sense of her incredible energy and can’t help but think to yourself “I hope it’s contagious.” Susan Kullman, certified spiritual life coach, certified yoga therapist and life-long dancer, is the owner of Intentional Wellness and Yoga Center, located in Katonah, New York.
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