Communion in Sacred Silence

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Communion in Sacred Silence
A 3-Hour Immersion in Collective Meditation
Carol Sweeney
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Sunday, June 27th
12:00pm - 3:00pm US Eastern Time
via Zoom Video Conferencing

This online offering is an opportunity for you to spend three hours bathed in the open receptivity of silence.

‘Communion in Sacred Silence’ is being offered without cost.

Carol Sweeney, a graduate of Jeff Carreira’s Meditation and Awakening Teacher training, is deeply attuned to the riches of silence, and in this 3-hour immersion you can join her in an exploration of the inner worlds of revelation that open to us when we sit together in meditation.

This is not a meditation class. There will be no instruction offered. This is an opportunity to explore the fruits of silent communion with others in a virtual video format.

This event is divided into three 45-minute sessions of Communion in Sacred Silence. These sessions simply begin and end with the sounding of a bell without any instruction being offered. There will be two 15-minute breaks separating the three sessions of silence and one concluding 15-minute period in which participants will have the opportunity to share any insights they’ve had about the quality of the silence they experienced.

Please feel free to join one, two or all three of the sessions.


  • 12:00pm - 12:45pm: Communion in Sacred Silence
  • 12:45pm - 1:00pm: Break
  • 1:00pm - 1:45pm: Communion in Sacred Silence
  • 1:45pm - 2:00pm: Break
  • 2:00pm - 2:45pm: Communion in Sacred Silence
  • 2:45pm - 3:00pm: Closing Comments

Remember, you are free to join any or all three of the sessions.


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