Awakening to the Future of Being Human

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Awakening to the Future of Being Human
A 10-day online retreat experience of live meditation and attunement sessions
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Mon - Friday, Jan. 4th – 15th, 2021

1:00pm - 2:00pm (US Eastern Time)

Via Zoom Video Conferencing

During the first two weeks of January, Members Circle participants have the chance to engage in a unique and powerful form of online retreat.

Every weekday from Monday, January 4th to Friday, January 15th 2021, we will gather for an hour-long Awareness Attunement Session at 1:00pm US Eastern Time. (These sessions will be recorded and available by 4:30pm each day for those who cannot join live.)

The core of this retreat experience will be the daily hourlong sessions with Jeff Carreira. These sessions will be the fulcrum point around which we will shift together into a new paradigm.

During these two weeks you will explore the primary insights contained in Jeff’s book The Soul of a New Self: Embracing the Future of Being Human. You will be supported to let go of the perceptual habits of the current paradigm and open to a new world of possibility. We will explore the future of being human together.

During each session you will receive specific guidance designed to focus your attention on a different dimension of awakened consciousness. Each day will add a new level of depth and richness to your experience. During the rest of the day you will be instructed to remain open and observant to the shifts in perception that will naturally arise from our sessions.

Participants of past retreats of this type have found them to be enormously effective in catalyzing dramatic and lasting shifts in consciousness. By concentrating your energy on the guidance and practices offered in each session, your inner vision will open to new possibilities and your senses will attune to a new world.

I hope to see you there.

Each Awareness Attunement Session Includes:
  • 5 to 20 minutes of guidance from Jeff Carreira
  • 25 to 30 minutes of Silent Attunement Meditation
  • 10 to 15 minutes for dialog with Jeff Carreira
Awakening to the Future of Being Human eBook:
As part of this program you will receive the 'Awakening to the Future of Being Human' eBook which offers a concise and clear summary reflections on each chapter of Jeff Carreira’s book The Soul of a New Self. This eBook will allow you to quickly review and contemplate the primary ideas shared during each day of the program.
The 10 Day Schedule
(Daily at 1:00pm - 2:00pm US Eastern Time)
  • Monday, January 4th: Session 1: Introduction
    What is Awareness Training? Attunement and Transformation.
  • Tuesday, January 5th: Session 2:
    Possibilities Beyond - Imagination Reflections on Multidimensional Consciousness
  • Wednesday, January 6th: Session 3:
    From Separation to Unity - Reflections on the Non-Locality of Self
  • Thursday, January 7th: Session 4:
    The Illusion of Self - Reflections on the Implications of Being a Being
  • Friday, January 8th: Session 5:
    There Are No Things that Think - Reflections on the Thinking-Thing Self
  • Monday, January 11th: Session 6:
    Learning to Be Me - Reflections on Our Commitment to Being Me
  • Tuesday, January 12th: Session 7:
    The Human Flow - Reflections on the Social Nature of Self
  • Wednesday, January 13th: Session 8:
    Experience without an Experiencer - Reflections on the Redistributing the Self
  • Thursday, January 14th: Session 9:
    Awakening The Field of Relatedness - Reflections on the Non-Existence of Self
  • Friday, January 15th: Session 10:
    Coming Together as One - Reflections on the Possibility of Embracing a New Self
Awakening to the Future of Being Human: A 10-day online retreat experience of live meditation and attunement sessions with Jeff Carreira
Jeff Carreira is a mystical philosopher and spiritual guide. He is the author of eleven books on meditation and philosophy. He teaches online programs and leads retreats throughout the world that teach people how to let go of their current perceptual habits so they are free to participate in the creation of a new paradigm. To put it simply, he supports people to live a spiritually inspired life, free from the constraints of fear, worry and self-doubt, and aligned with their own deepest sense of meaning and purpose.
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