The Mystery School
The Mystery School Press publishes books that reveal the deeper realities that lie hidden beyond our ordinary experience. Our books offer unconventional wisdom and give you a glimpse of the miraculous possibilities that always lie beneath the surface of life. We are proud to publish the works of authors who speak authentically from their own expereince to bring you compelling first-had accounts of new ways of seeing and understanding the world.
Online Journal
Online Journal Covers

The Mystery School Press also publishes an online journal that continually presents articles, interviews, art and poetry that express and explain the emerging possibilities of a new paradigm.

In it's pages you will find information about the ideas, people and perspectives that are catalyzing new ways of seeing, feeling and acting in the world.

Each issue of The Artist of Possibility will include the voices of some of today’s most respected paradigm shifting luminaries, as well as contributions offered by our members.

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