[Series] Practical Awakening: Demystifying Spiritual Liberation for the Real World.

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Seminar Series
with Jeff Carreira
4 x 90min Sessions
[Series] Practical Awakening: Demystifying Spiritual Liberation for the Real World.

In these four seminars Jeff will guide you through the subtle and thrilling terrain of spiritual liberation.

What does it mean to be free?
When we talk about spiritual freedom we are talking about freedom from the hypnotic trance of a false sense of self (the ego) into the truth of who we are.

I know this can sound mystifying and incompressible and that is exactly why I’m offering this four part series.

In these four seminars you will be guided step by step through a profound understanding of the spiritual path and its ultimate goal.


Seminar One:

Do You Want to Be Free?

In this seminar you will discover why so many of us assume we want to be free while unconsciously avoiding the radical implications of true freedom. You will learn how embracing the radical power and responsibility of true freedom clears a path to your own liberation.


Seminar Two:

Committing To A Life Of True Freedom

In this session you will discover what it really takes to live a life that is truly free. You will learn how to take control of your own future by escaping the negative influences of fear that too often shape our lives.


Seminar Three:

The Evolution Of Consciousness

In this session you will discover how spiritual liberation radically changes your relationship to life. You will learn how the spiritual liberation you’ve won plays a crucial role in the larger evolution of human consciousness and the transformation of life on this planet.


Seminar Four:

Becoming Your Higher Self

In this session you will discover how we have been trained to habitually identify with our lower impulses and more contracted experiences of self. You will also learn how to change this by choosing to identify with the higher aspects of your nature. This simple shift in identification is the key to unleashing our higher potentials.

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If you ask Jeff Carreira what he’s most excited about he will reply without hesitation—“cultivating the conditions for the emergence of a new paradigm by supporting as many individuals as possible to articulate their deepest realization of truth.” Mystical philosopher, spiritual guide, teacher, writer and lecturer —are just a few descriptors that come to mind when describing Carreira and his extensive career as a seeker, student and teacher.

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