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Peter Frederiksen
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About Peter

I am 55, living in a country house in Denmark with my wife Anne. I started practicing yoga at the age of 17.

I taught yoga for some years and left the Ashram and moved together with my wife Anne, as my firstborn Michael, and later my second son Tobias, came to the world. I became a Music therapist at the University of Aalborg (Denmark), because I felt it was the best formal way of integrating spirituality and music and helping people.

I met Andrew Cohen in 2000 and was a student of him for about 10 years. In this context, I held workshops in meditation and evolutionary enlightenment. Lately I have been very interested in the teachings of Adyashanti and have attended several retreats and workshops. I also helped “Adya” coming to Copenhagen for a workshop in 2014.

In my work as a psychotherapist, I am specialized in ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) which is an evidence based therapy with spiritual roots. In this context it is possible to use and work with concepts as “the observing self” fusion/defusion from thoughts and feelings, acting on values, and more.

I have just started a 2 year-long education in a newly developed therapeutic method called ”Compassion Focused Therapy” (CFT) which focuses on the new scientific discoveries regarding our nervous system related to meditation and mindfulness, and the way we as human beings, try to regulate our feelings, thoughts, and sensations. It is very much inspired by the Buddhist tradition, and I am very inspired by the method and the research. (The movie “inside out” is inspired by this research).

My potential audience for workshops, might be people in my network in the first place, and/or people whom I reach, through public lectures and advertising.

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