[Retreat Clip] Paradigm Shifting

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Retreat Clip
with Jeff Carreira
11 mins
Paradigm Shifting

Often people enter my work through my meditation classes and retreats. As their practice opens up into experiences of spiritual insight and revelation they begin to question their previous beliefs and assumptions about what is real.

As they deepen their work with me they learn about and work with groundbreaking ideas from the leading edge of philosophy. The questions they ask and the answers they find lift them into a new vision of what is possible.

Here I want to share an audio clip that was recorded during a retreat I lead for undergraduate students at Purchase College in New York.

The audio came at the very end of a 5-hour long retreat and explores the nature of paradigm shifting.

In the past I’ve had opportunities to speak with groups of students at Harvard University, Oglethorpe University, The University of Pennsylvania, The University of Western Australia, Canberra University, Bennington College and Middlebury College.

Each of these opportunities to speak with young people is a wonderful chance to share the essence of what I teach as well as my enthusiasm for it.

Retreat Clip (11:00)

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If you ask Jeff Carreira what he’s most excited about he will reply without hesitation—“cultivating the conditions for the emergence of a new paradigm by supporting as many individuals as possible to articulate their deepest realization of truth.” Mystical philosopher, spiritual guide, teacher, writer and lecturer —are just a few descriptors that come to mind when describing Carreira and his extensive career as a seeker, student and teacher.

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