[Poem] Morning Psalms VII

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This is part of a series of poems I wrote several years ago. This one, meditation.

Now is time to settle into Being. The ground of Being where all things are at rest. No movement of the tides of emotion. No rising to the mountain tops of elated joy. Simply Being, before any movement at all. No attachment to what is, to what may be or to what has been. It’s time to rest in the quiet Witness of all arising. With no thing, thought, emotion,…happy or not, to maintain. Nothing to figure out, hope for or regret.  No problem to solve. No future to manage. No vacation to look forward to. Only now and this relationship to the moment. Stillness of mind. Nothing to understand. No personality to explore. Just this Ground of Being where nothing ever happens. Before the world of other appears. Where the seed of every impulse resides. Before action.  Rest here Lover with me, where we don’t even exist as lovers, but as the One loving force which appears as the Universe Itself. This, is peace within the storm.

Michael has been involved in spiritual development for over 40 years. He is passionate about teaching others how to direct their attention to the quality of devotion to the Radiant Self, the very nature of our existence.
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