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Michael has been involved in spiritual development for over 40 years. He is passionate about teaching others how to direct their attention to the quality of devotion to the Radiant Self, the very nature of our existence.

I​ have been involved in spiritual development for over 40 years. I am passionate about serving the deepening and awakening capacities within us all. My focus is on love and heartfelt participation in life by directing attention to the quality of devotion to the Radiant Self that is the very nature of our existence.

At the age of 17 an awakening occurred in me that shook me to my core, and I realized that my life was to be dedicated to the pursuit of Truth. I was drawn to Eastern Spirituality and began reading books by Ram Dass and Yogananda. An interest in metaphysics, yoga and spiritual teachings emerged at this early age, along with an occasional experience of psychic and mystical phenomena. ​Throughout four decades now, I have directed my attention to spiritual life. Considering the words and teachings of many Western and Eastern teachers and Gurus.

When my beautiful son and daughter grew into their own lives, I found the opportunity to invest more time and energy into my own spiritual pursuits. I’ve been steadily involved with online courses, communities, practice groups and retreats since 2011. Learning and pulling from the wisdom of teachers such as Caroline Myss, Alan Watts, Adyashanti, Mooji, Peter Fenner, Rupert Spiria, and having been blessed by the physical presence of Adi Da, Ram Dass, Ammaji, and most recently working closely with Jeff Carreira, I feel that I have lived a rich, spiritually directed and guided life.

A few years ago, I took the leap to step out into my community and offer to facilitate meditation classes. This came about due to a strong desire to give back to That which has been the always giving source of my life. For the last year, I’ve been working closely with Jeff and eleven other teachers. We all share a desire to be available to serve by whatever means, Spirit sees fit to move through us.

My own disposition has always been one of heartfelt, loving devotion to the Divine, and my communication and message is rooted in that response. Love and Devotion is always at the core of my teaching and transmission. Retreat settings have offered me the most powerful circumstance for making the changes necessary for breaking old patterns and unwanted habits in day-to-day living.

I am available for spiritual counseling, wedding ceremonies and conscious relationship renewal dialogue. I am leading retreats of my own and with others. It is my great joy to be a part of this new opportunity, and I am so happy to be here with you all!

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