Kundalini Wonder: The god/goddess in Your Body

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Kundalini Wonder: The god/goddess in Your Body
Incidents of profound spiritual awakening are being reported world wide these days as massive transformation occurs across the planet. Each opening is unique. All are life changing. All mark the beginning of a long and mysterious journey, directed by the life force itself and known as Kundalini. Dorothy Walters experienced such transfiguration in l981, when little or nothing was known in the West about this phenomenon. With no guide or teacher to help her, she followed the direction of the "inner guru" to carry her through her long journey of awakening and transformation. This process changed her life totally, leading her to dedicate her life to experiencing, researching, and writing both poetry and prose about the mystery called Kundalini (the life force) and helping others on the path
Dorothy Walters is a poet and author and has been a pioneering advocate of Kundalini Awakening for nearly forty years.
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