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About Jody

Jody helps people move out of their conditioning into higher levels of freedom and energy. Teaching and embodying ‘The Practice of No Problem’ is the perfect complement to her healing work.

Hello. Thank you for coming to get a taste of who I am and what I do.

My colleagues see me as a fiercely gentle, and loving illuminating midwife for new paradigms, a natural teacher, and a gifted artist.

My clients see me as an empowering and sensitive intuitive healer with magic hands and a warm heart.

I see myself as a portal for Grace. I feel lucky to be blessed with skills and talents that allow me to excel at helping people recognize and live their inherent beauty, wholeness, and lovability.

One of my fondest childhood memories is of me inviting a friend to lay in the grass to simply watch the clouds flow by…..being glad the invitation was accepted….. laying on our backs side by side…..gazing up at the sky…..feeling deeply satisfied in thinking that my friend is enjoying the experience as much as I am… body feeling serenely calm… awareness being totally absorbed……………..then my friend and I simultaneously popping out of our peaceful states…..and spontaneously laughing.

According to this memory, I was practicing and sharing meditation long before I intellectually knew what meditation is or is not. I was just innocently doing what I already knew without knowing that I knew it and before I learned any concepts about it.

Every time I read or listen to the teachings of spiritual masters and those on the spiritual path I am reminded that somewhere in my being I have always known the wisdom and truths they speak of.

I love sharing the power of meditation and my healing abilities. It is truly an honor to be a guide and witness for others as they more fully open to and express the love and wisdom that is in all of us.

In addition to sharing the ‘Practice of No Problem’ I am a Psych-K Health and Wellness facilitator, a Family Constellation facilitator, an instructor for the Inner Strength Foundation, a Reiki practitioner for Unite for Her, a trained birth and postpartum doula, a ceremony officiant, and an artist.

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