Jeff Sullivan
Jeff Sullivan

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About Jeff
Jeff Sullivan is a sought after facilitator of meditation groups and gifted transmitter of awakening. He is a graduate of Jeff Carreira's Meditation and Awakening Training, and is a popular teacher in the Members Circle. He has come to know two things with unshakable clarity: (1) your life is a miracle, and (2) you were meant for much greater and grander things.

Jeff is a meditation teacher and mentor, writer, poet, and spiritual visionary. He works compassionately with open-minded individuals and groups of all sizes to help them recognize the profound freedom and fullness available to all of us in each and every moment. Jeff's many years of meditation practice, rigorous spiritual training and extensive work as a meditation teacher, group facilitator and meditation mentor have convinced him that a higher form of living is possible for you, one that allows you to feel deeply at ease, express your own unique genius and serve as a radical force for good and constructive change in the world.

A gifted transmitter of awakening and communicator of mystical insight, Jeff is known for his masterful guidance, innovative inquiries into the nature of nowness and simple and straightforward approach to teaching meditation. He is particularly interested in how philosophical inquiry and artistic expression in all of its forms can prompt a transformation of the underlying structures of consciousness and culture to create a more awakened, evolved society. Jeff is an authorized teacher of the sought after Tibetan Buddhist Mahamudra Natural Meditation practices and creator of the four session Mystery School Members Circle course 'The Subtle Art of Leaving Everything as It Is', which he'll be premiering in September 2019. He is a principle facilitator for the non-denominational monthly virtual meditation event One Meditation ( and co-hosts, virtually, a daily, guided group meditation.

In addition to his considerable contributions as a meditation teacher and mentor, Jeff is currently at work on a number of artistic projects, including a book of poetry, a short film and a full-lengthy play. Currently he serves as a regular faculty member of the mystery school where he offers courses, writes instructive blogs on meditation and inquiry and shares his inspiring wisdom and creative and curious musings.

Current Available Courses:

  • The Subtle Art of Leaving Everything as It Is (Mystery School Members Circle, beginning Thursday, Sept, 19th, 2019)
  • Effortless Awareness
  • Encountering the Mystery

General Offerings:

  • Individual Mentoring
  • Workshops
  • Weekend and Week-long Meditation Retreats
  • Beginner and Advanced Meditation Courses

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