Intimacy in Isolation

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In this 60-minute free workshop, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Susan Kullman will show you how the challenging emotions that can arise during these times of social isolation are an opportunity to strengthen our relationships. Relationships can be challenging in the best of times, and under the pressure of the COVID-19 outbreak even more so.

When strong emotions arise between us it can be easy for those to result in misunderstanding, confusion and hurt. In this workshop, you will learn that there is no need to avoid or even adjust the emotions you feel. In fact, it is only by leaving space for them and feeling them that we can emerge on the other side with deeper understanding of ourselves and our loved ones. You will discover that It is never the emotion that is the problem. It is the false conclusions that we draw from them that leads to trouble.

Workshop (60:00 mins)

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When you meet Susan Kullman you immediately get a sense of her incredible energy and can’t help but think to yourself “I hope it’s contagious.” Susan Kullman, certified spiritual life coach, certified yoga therapist and life-long dancer, is the owner of Intentional Wellness and Yoga Center, located in Katonah, New York.
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