In This Place

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I am so in love…
I can’t hold it
It just seeps out of my skin
Escaping from this smile
Filling the room with my breathing
It empties the inkwell of my pen
I can’t contain it
It must be spoken out
To whom I know
To who is there in this small universe of my life
This life where my children, lovers, and friends live
Where you dwell in my open heart
I am so in love…
And there is no one here
Everywhere is the Beloved in time and in space
I call out to you, Beloved of my heart!
The one whose love bows my head and bends my knee
Who fills my heart and is always home to stay
This love is Real
It outshines the goals of the worldly man
It is the Sacred union of hearts, minds, and bodies
I am so in love…

Michael has been involved in spiritual development for over 40 years. He is passionate about teaching others how to direct their attention to the quality of devotion to the Radiant Self, the very nature of our existence.
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