Higher Beings and Spiritual Transmission

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Member Workshop
with Dorothy Walters
60:00 mins
Higher Beings and Spiritual Transmission

In this contributing teacher workshop dialog with Dorothy Walters we begin with her describing the experience of Kundalini Awakening that transformed her life. Besides her eloquent ability to describe the experience of awakening Kundalini, there is something specific I suggest paying attention to in this part of the dialog.

Dorothy describes how her Kundalini awakening occurred directly after the very first time she had read anything about Kundalini. After reading just two pages describing how spiritual energy wakes up and travels up the spine, she concluded that she could do it. She put the book down and visualized energy appearing in the base of her spine and moving up to her crown. She somehow managed to initiate a Kundalini awakening that lasted for months.

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Dorothy Walters is a poet and author and has been a pioneering advocate of Kundalini Awakening for nearly forty years.
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