[Class] Spiritual Healing through the Power of Movement

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Members Only Class
with Tara Star Dancer
4 Sessions
Spiritual Healing through the Power of Movement

In this class you will release limiting habits of body, mind and emotions through the power of guided movement practices.

You will also learn simple and fun movement practices that increase our availability to the brilliant inner wisdom, bliss-energy and healing of the infinite life force or kundalini.

Session One: Empowering Our Visible Self
  • Emerging selfhood as Spirit is embodied as the human. What is healing and how to support our highest expressions.
Movement Practice
  • Unwinding, Power Walk.
Session Two: Empowering The Hidden Selves
  • The Shamanic roots of dance, music and art.
  • “New” Old Tools to Support Group Awakening.
Movement Practice
  • Shamanic Movement Journey.
Session Three: Re-Enchanting the World
  • The Magic of the mundane and the Miracle of Imagination.

Movement Practice

  • Secret Admirers and Power Merge.
Session Four: Awakening Sacred Energy
  • Teilhard de Chardin, the Power of Love/Energy, and Healing Temples.
Movement Practice
  • The Sacred Shapes and Energy Transmission.
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Tara Star Dancer
Tara Star Dancer
Tara is the founder of two spiritual movement modalities that offer shamanic pathways to direct awakening. One is a women's path based on the empowerments from the roots of bellydance, called Sensual Embodied Awakening Bellydance or SEA Bellydance. The other is called Dharma Dance, for all genders and features contemporary explorations of indigenous wisdom.

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