Trainees in Jeff Carreira's
Artist of Possibility Training
An Artist of Possibility is someone devoted to bringing new paradigm possibilities to life in the world. This training is currently in progress, where those listed below are spending significant time establishing themselves in a deeply liberated state of mind and living spontaneously from the most creative currents of life. You can find out more about the trainees and what they plan to teach below.

Amanda Louks

Amanda creates space for meditation practice with people interested in realizing an abundant and full life through personal and spiritual development. Her teachings open up other possibilities for being human.

Carol Sweeney

Sacred Silence is a portal to the soul, embracing the Heart of Stillness. Inner Communion establishes intimate spiritual relationships rooted in deep spiritual love. Carol offers days of Sacred Silence and Inner Communion in the Mystery School for a New…

Danielle Morrow

Danielle Morrow is a former software engineer and lawyer, who through following her love and inspiration for deep transformation and spirituality is now the founder of True You, programs that help others discover greater and truer depths of their true…

Sharon Kind

Sharon Kind, Masters in Education, is a Qigong, Tai Chi Easy and Yoga instructor based in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area with over 35 years of study in Yoga and Qigong.

Sheila Gross

Sheila evokes higher consciousness and inspires transformational shifts in perception with those she works with.