[Class] Conversations of Nisargadatta Maharaj

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with Jill Ouellette
5 x 60min Sessions
Conversations of Nisargadatta Maharaj

Nisargadatta Maharaj was an Indian sage, living and teaching at the same time as Ramana Maharshi. (Both Teachers are calibrated at the same level of consciousness of 720.) Maharaj is known for a very direct, uncompromising, and unapologetic manner of speaking the Truth, often characterized as rude, in his adamant insistence that “You are not the body – You were never born, and You CANNOT die.” His explanations tend to be too short, and enigmatic, often presenting contrasting points of view, depending on his audience, making it difficult for a reader to comprehend. His most popular teachings are presented in dialog format in the classic book “I Am That.”

I encountered “I Am That” immediately following an extraordinary, personal spiritual Vision in 2018, to discover that Maharaj was speaking to and from the perspective of my own direct mystical experience! Having “seen” it for myself, I feel uniquely qualified to understand and interpret his meaning; filling and rounding it out with contemporary plain speaking to offer interested persons the opportunity for a further grasp of understanding his profound teaching.

Session 1
You Are Not The Body/Mind
Humans have been tricked by conditioning to believe a “story” they’ve been told: about being born on a particular day, and believing they will die on another; that our existence is limited to about 80 or so years. Maharaj explains this is false, and discusses the ways to see through this charade; to point out that we were never born, and we cannot die.
Session 2
The World And Reality As You Know It Is But A Dream In The Mind Of God
Maharaj discusses the concept of Consciousness: a Oneness of Mind and creative intelligence presenting the appearance of an undifferentiated Universe unfolding as a whole, inside a concept we know as Space-Time. This one wholeness, or God, is the only “doer” and decider of what’s happening now; it permeates every conceivable “separate” thing as having no borders or boundaries; and dispels the idea that humans could be separate independently existing entities.
Session 3
You Are The Absolute Supreme Reality
Maharaj points out that we all share the same and identical sense of “I am”, and the essence of what we are is in fact unlimited, unchanging, existing in a dimension outside space and time, and therefore has no beginning and no ending. Any word you might use to define yourself, must by definition be untrue due to its limited and defining characteristics, as much that it is also just a ‘word.’ And that the ONLY thing we Know for sure, is that we Be . . . always here, and always now; which can never be explained or described; nor ever separated from its Source. There is no separate, personal “doer”.
Session 4
God Exists Because You Do
The Source lends its light/energy to the appearance of creating a universe; with the appearance of separate humans thinking a concept of God. This movement of colors and light appears as something in space moving through time, much like a movie. We are that which is aware of the contents of the movie, but existing “outside” of consciousness itself; and “prior” to that concept.
Session 5
Discovering The Truth
Maharaj proposes to find what you are, by finding what you are not. In negating every single description, one discovers that they are indescribably unlimited. He points out that we perpetuate our seeming worldly existence by having fears and desires, likes and dislikes, wanting pleasure and avoiding pain. Overcoming these extremes of duality, leads to discernment of truth, and detachment from our illusory story. We find the Peace and Freedom of Liberation is not something to be acquired, but recognized as already existing, and then it’s a matter of courage to act from there. Unsticking the gum from the shoe allows our true identity to shift from the false sense of a separate self, into an identification that we must be All of That which we see. And then, by Grace, further still into the realization that only Source is Real.
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