Danielle Morrow

Danielle Morrow Authors, Graduates

Danielle Morrow is a former software engineer and lawyer, who through following her love and inspiration for deep transformation and spirituality is now the founder of True You, programs that help others discover greater and truer depths of their true selves.

Tim Werts

Sophie Peirce Graduates, Teachers

Tim teaches simple meditation practices based on the parables of Jesus that open you to new experiences of these Christian teachings on faith, spiritual freedom, and living a life of abundance.

Rodney Spencer

Sophie Peirce Graduates

Rodney has an extensive background in Buddhist meditation. Informed by years of practice and numerous awakening experiences, he offers half and full day retreats in silent sitting, guided meditation, and explorations into compassionate and courageous living.

Rick Brodner

Sophie Peirce Graduates

I serve the spirit of love in this world. I believe that when we gather together, and speak from our deepest truth, that spirit is nourished within us, and brings us peace and purpose.

Michael Beck

Sophie Peirce Graduates

Michael has been involved in spiritual development for over 40 years. He is passionate about teaching others how to direct their attention to the quality of devotion to the Radiant Self, the very nature of our existence.

Melinda Shelton

Sophie Peirce Graduates

Our world is crying out for love. We need to have the courage to look honestly at ourselves in an environment of safety and clarity. I would like to invite you to find this part in yourself. Creating a beautiful space through one on one mentoring and group experiences encourages our deep uniqueness to emerge and blossom.

Jody Long

Sophie Peirce Graduates

Jody helps people move out of their conditioning into higher levels of freedom and energy. Teaching and embodying ‘The Practice of No Problem’ is the perfect complement to her healing work.

Jeff Sullivan

Sophie Peirce Graduates, Teachers

Jeff Sullivan is a sought after facilitator of meditation groups and gifted transmitter of awakening. He has come to know two things with unshakable clarity: (1) your life is a miracle, and (2) you were meant for much greater and grander things.