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Teacher Training Graduate | Artist of Possibility Trainee
Carol Sweeney
Nairobi, Kenya (Canadian)

About Carol

Sacred Silence is a portal to the soul, embracing the Heart of Stillness. Inner Communion establishes intimate spiritual relationships rooted in deep spiritual love. Carol offers days of Sacred Silence and Inner Communion in the Mystery School for a New Paradigm.


I have been an earnest spiritual seeker for thirty years, twenty-five of those years dedicated to energy work.

It is an incredible privilege to be a member of the Mystery School for a New Paradigm. My spiritual evolution has expanded exponentially within this community of diverse and fiercely devoted seekers, where imagination is infinite, and creativity is limitless.

Silence has always been a refuge for me. Sacred Silence subtly unfurled as I participated in many of Jeff Carreira’s retreats during the past six years, reaching a crescendo while on Jeff’s seven-day silent retreat in Sri Lanka, January 2019. Sitting in complete silence for hours with a group of sincere meditators ignited what I have always known at a profound level - Sacred Silence is the heart of Stillness. Through the power of sitting in this Stillness, we connect intensely with one another, sharing the profound space of Inner Communion.

"Inner Communion presents an opportunity to build powerful relationships enhanced with deep trust, mutual love of the divine and a shared desire to explore the full extent of our co-creative potentials."
~ Jeff Carreira

Inner Communion invites different energies into our soul and culture so that unfamiliar currents can fuse together and new possibilities can emerge.

"In a world of noise, confusion and conflict, it is necessary that there be places of silence, inner discipline and peace. In such places love can blossom."
~ Thomas Merton

A day of Sacred Silence and Inner Communion presents such an opportunity to engage with a small group of devoted meditators for a few hours as your unique experience of Sacred Silence and Inner Communion unfolds.

It is my sincere desire to be with you for a day of Sacred Silence and Inner Communion.

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