Self-Care as a Sacred Act of Devotion

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Many people experience health and fitness as a chore at best, or misery at worst. Even devoted spiritual practitioners often feel challenged in making healthy choices – what you might call “getting yourself to do something you know you should do”…

The Somatic Impact of Emotions

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The word somatic refers to the element of experience that has to do with the physical body. Often, the use of this term is also correlated with the notion of the body’s innate capacity to hold and process emotion…

Following the Spark of Life

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In this conversation, I was delighted to speak with Jody Mountain. Jody is a master of Ancient Lomi Lomi and a teacher of the Ancient Hawaiian Wisdom Tradition from which it comes: KeAlaHõk – The Pathway to The Stars.

Finding Freedom in Fear

Jeff Sullivan Event Recordings

For many of us 2020 is a year we’d love to forget. Unfortunately, many of us are enduring hardships, and for some of us it will be a year of catastrophe. But, despite the inevitable hardships of this challenging year, there is a potential silver lining that any one of us can embrace.

Mother Realm

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I looked up and outside of myself this day.  With music of a most beautiful chord filling my ears.  Suddenly everything inside stopped, and the world opened as if a curtain had been drawn.