Awakening to the Mystery of Being

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with Jeff Sullivan
Weekly 60min Sessions
Awakening to the Mystery of Being
Much of our experience remains mysterious and unknown to us. This is a fact that few stop to properly consider. Take for instance something as simple as the experience of looking at a wooden sitting chair. As you sit looking at a chair, your first instinct is to think about it. You might notice what it’s constructed of. You might think of previous experiences of siting in the chair, if you have a bit of the novelist in you, you might even begin to imagine stories with that wooden chair as a central character. And yet, no matter how many thoughts you think, no matter how elegant and sophisticated or exacting or imaginative those thoughts about the chair might be, some part of that simple ordinary experience of looking at that chair will inevitably elude you. In fact, if you actually try this experiment at home with one of your own chairs, you might notice that thinking about the chair will only ever lead to more thinking about the chair–but never an encounter with the mysterious essence of the chair. This is where meditation comes in.
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A sought after facilitator of meditation groups and gifted transmitter of awakening, Jeff has come to know two things with unshakable clarity: (1) your life is a miracle, and (2) you were meant for much greater and grander things.
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