Amanda Louks

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Nora Bateson
Teacher Training Graduate | Artist of Possibility Trainee
Amanda Louks
Canton, Michigan, USA

About Amanda

Amanda creates space for meditation practice with people interested in realizing an abundant and full life through personal and spiritual development. Her teachings open up other possibilities for being human.

Amanda lives in Canton, MI and is available to facilitate meditation practices either online or in person in her local area. She has led groups and individuals in exploring meditation and spiritual awakening through practice and discussion. She draws on teachings from mystics such as Ramana Maharshi the great Indian Sage, J. Krishnamurti, Mooji, and her own teacher Jeff Carriera.

Amanda is also interested in supporting parents of children with mild to severe mental health issues. She has volunteered for educational sessions at The City of Wayne Mental Health Court probation program and is familiar with the experience of parenting a child with mental health issues and all the pain, frustration, fears, and joys that come with it.

She firmly believes that how we show up matters and the greatest thing in life that we can do is work on ourselves first and to enrich all of our relationships with the living world. People who are self-realized are most available to lead meaningful change that can shift the paradigm of what it means to be alive and shift humanity from an egocentric or nationalistic view to a more global and cosmo-centric view.

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