A World that Works for Everyone

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with Phil Moore
60:00 mins
'A World that Works for Everyone'
The Philosophy of Buckminster Fuller

In his next contributing teacher workshop, Phil Moore will take us on an exploration of the life and teachings of R. Buckminster Fuller. 'Bucky' (as he is known to Phil) became something of an adopted grandfather to him after they met and in this workshop you will explore Bucky as an Artist of Possibility who was born out of the American Transcendentalists tradition. You will discover some of Bucky’s personal journey and his view that our education must act to preserve and amplify the original genius in children. Phil will also share about the famous World Games that Bucky created that allowed participants to explore a new paradigm based on an entirely new set of values.

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Phil Moore served as director of Upland Hills School north of Detroit from 1972 until 2013. Over four decades, Moore developed a profound and inspired learning community. This culture developed a synergetic collaboration between the staff members that transcended most traditional models of educational institutions.
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