A New Way of Thinking

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with Nora Bateson
60:00 mins
A New Way of Thinking
In order to deal with complex problems, we are going to have to relax into a new sensibility from which we can see complexity. The energy of relaxing into new sensibilities is more useful than the energy of wilful achieving that we are used to. To do this we are going to have to move beyond the mechanistic mode of thinking that has worked so well for so many things. The new sensibility won’t help you build physical things, but when you are dealing with complex living systems, like a family, mechanistic thinking won’t help.
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Nora Bateson is an award-winning filmmaker, writer and educator, as well as President of the International Bateson Institute, based in Sweden. Her work asks the question “How we can improve our perception of the complexity we live within, so we may improve our interaction with the world?”.
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