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Welcome to the Mystery School for a New Paradigm.
You’ve just walked onto the virtual campus of a global community of inspired and awakening individuals. Establishing this school has been my dream for many years and it is a pleasure to share it with you.
Intimacy in Isolation
How Emotional Challenge Can Bring Us Closer
with Susan Kullman
During the first two weeks of January, members have the chance to engage in a unique and powerful form of online retreat that can be enormously effective in catalyzing dramatic and lasting shifts in consciousness. By concentrating your energy on the guidance and practices offered in each session, your inner vision will open to new possibilities and your senses will attune to a new world.
Mon - Friday, Jan. 4th – 15th, 2021
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The Mystery School for a New Paradigm
Online Symposium
Exploring the Role of Mystery Schools in the Birth of a New Paradigm
Gary Lachman
Gary Lachman
Dorothy Walters
Dorothy Walters
Nicolya Christi
Nicolya Christi
Tim Freke.
Tim Freke
Jeffrey J. Kripal
Jeffrey J. Kripal
Dorothy Walters
Nora Bateson
Gary Lachman Dorothy Walters Nicolya Christi
Gary Lachman | Dorothy Walters | Nicolya Christi
Tim Freke Jeffrey J. Kripal Nora Bateson
Tim Freke | Jeffrey J. Kripal | Nora Bateson
Six Dialogues
Six Days
Six Master Luminaries
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The Mystery School for a New Paradigm

Dedicated to Spiritual Awakening and Creative Co-Evolution


The vision of this school is to gather a global community of inspired and awakening individuals who work together to co-evolve into a direct and ever-deepening connection to source.

In the great esoteric tradition of the mystery school, this is a place where people come together to peer beyond the surface of reality and uncover the deep, secret, inner workings of the cosmos.

Every growth opportunity offered here, all of the programs, courses, retreats and practices, are designed to liberate you from the emotional and perceptual constraints of the current paradigm and invite you into the living reality of a new one.

We have a number of wonderful contribution teachers on our faculty, but ultimately the school was created to function as a co-evolutionary, co-learning community, and we encourage and support all of our members to contribute their deepest wisdom for the benefit of others.

The Work of the Mystery School:
Becoming an Artist of Possibility
The work of this mystery school involves two stages.

First we engage in practices that allow us to liberate ourselves from the hypnotic grip of dominant paradigm. When we let go of our familiar experience of reality we enter into a mysterious connection with the wider reality beyond.

Then we return from those ineffable depths we struggle to find expressions of what we experienced that can communicate the riches of wisdom that were revealed to us.

The goal of The Mystery School for a New Paradigm is to support you to attain ever-increasing direct access to source consciousness and then to share the deepest insights and realizations you find there in whatever form is most suited to you.

Our world is in desperate need of clear and awakened voices that can act as bursts of light in the darkness to illuminate the way forward. Those of us who are able to offer new visions to the world become Artists of Possibility and the fruits of our open hearts and minds will create a new future for all of us.

Join the school and develop your unique voice.

The Philosophy of the School

In this school we use the terms spiritual liberation and creative illumination to describe the two stage process described above. Spiritual liberation is the process of liberating our awareness from the habits of mind that keep it locked inside the perceptual limits of the current paradigm. Creative Illumination is the term given to the various ways that we come to represent what has been revealed to us and bring it to life between us.

All the growth opportunities in the Mystery School for a New Paradigm are designed to support you through the process of spiritual liberation and creative illumination. As a member you will receive training to move beyond the limits of your mind, awaken to new possibilities, and bring those possibilities to life in countless ways.

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Now that you know what The Mystery School for a New Paradigm is all about, I invite you to continue your tour of our virtual campus.

Nora Bateson

Filmmaker, writer & educator

Perceiving Complexity & Mutual Learning

Jeffrey J. Kripal

Professor & Author

Authoring New Possibilities into Reality

Dorothy Walters

Poet & Author

Kundalini Awakening

Take a look at some of the people who are already contributing their wisdom to our school.
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Read through the descriptions of some of the courses currently available as well as some that are scheduled to happen soon.
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Member Only


Mon - Friday, Jan. 4th – 15th, 2021

1:00pm - 2:00pm (US Eastern Time)

Awakening to the Future of Being Human

A 10-day online retreat experience of live meditation and attunement sessions

with Jeff Carreira



Saturday, March 13th - Saturday, May 1st, 2021

7 Weeks

Embracing the Gift of Spiritual Abundance

A 7-week intensive that will transform how you live.

with Jeff Carreira

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Jean Houston
"Bravo! You truly are leading the way to a new order of mystery schools - in the clear ways you offer towards speciation, evolutionary becoming, and preparing people to be the change that can make the change in our world and time."
~ Dr. Jean Houston
Investigate the opportunity of joining our Members Circle where the core work of the school takes place.
The Mystery School for a New Paradigm
Members Circle
Stay on the Edge with
Jeff Carreira
This is the inner circle where Jeff Carreira shares his latests insights and discoveries as they emerge through his own journey.

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Stay connected to your own deepest insights and realizations with inspiring and supportive resources, practices and programs.

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Members share about their teaching experience in the Members Circle...

Susan Kullman

"I love teaching in the Members Circle! Showing up and being a part of such an expanded, open, an intimate community is all, as a teacher I could want. The collective wisdom and experience always allows us all to reach our own personal next level of evolution. It is a true pleasure to share in the Members Circle".

Rick Brodner

"It is a special blessing to teach in a community that is so rich in wisdom and loving kindness. My own philosophy is that the best teaching occurs when both teacher and students are engaged in heartfelt exploration - the teaching that emerges enriches and enlightens all who participate. The Members Circle offers endless possibilities for this kind of engagement - to teach within this community is a rare and precious opportunity."

Carol Sweeney

"Teaching within the intimate and sacred community of the Members Circle is a profound experience to co-create new realities steeped in Love and Grace."

Tim Werts

"The primary benefit that I received for being able to teach in the Members Circle was the opportunity to share and explore a topic of deep heartfelt interest with others already comfortable with transformational ideas, open to awakening practices, bringing their life experiences and spiritual paths. Creating the class provided an engaged, nurturing audience of fellow practitioners (which would have been difficult to find on my own) and, with that audience, allowed me share, explore, and discover the greater depth and finding a structure for an idea that initially was not fully mapped out but wanting to be born."

The Artist of Possibility
Our new quarterly online journal!

The third issue of The Artist of Possibility will be published on July 15th, 2020. Subsequent editions will be published online each quarter.

Each issue of The Artist of Possibility will include articles exploring mystical philosophy and spiritual practice, interviews with paradigm shifting luminaries, and contributions offered by our members.

Subscribe and be sure to receive all our future issues. Online subscriptions to The Artist of Possibility are offered FREE OF CHARGE.

The Mystery School for a New Paradigm
Summer Institute (2020)
In Portugal
With Jeff Carreira
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Spend a month (or a week) in one of the most sacred and beautiful regions of Portugal and experience the miracle of spiritual liberation and the joy of awakened community.

From Saturday July 18th to Friday August 14th, 2020 we are offering our first Members Only Summer Institute. This month long community intensive offers mornings spent in silent meditation with Jeff Carreira, afternoons free to spend with fellow community members and to self-organize into classes or explorations of the beautiful countryside nearby, and evening programs where members share their deepest wisdom in programs, course and performances.

Read more about Jeff Carreria and his role as the founder and guiding teacher of the school.
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Jeff Carreira is an author, mystical philosopher and spiritual guide in service of cultivating ambassadors of possibility by bringing people together in an empowering embrace of their own deepest spiritual realizations.
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