The Artist of
Bringing A New Paradigm To Life
Issue 6: The Nature of Truth and Reality
April 15th, 2021
Issue 6: The Nature of Truth and Reality
April 15th, 2021
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About the
Mystery School for a New Paradigm

The Mystery School for a New Paradigm was created for those who see the possibility of a radically different and better world, and want to be a part of creating it.

We call these people Artists of Possibility and we offer a variety of resources to support them.

The resources we offer include:

These resources will liberate you from the hypnotic grip of the dominant paradigm and guide you to expand into the mysterious reality beyond it.

They also help you develop your own unique expression of your deepest realizations so you can communicate them with the world.

Our world is in desperate need of clear and awakened voices that are able to offer new visions of possibility that burst like light in the darkness and illuminate the way forward.

These are the Artists of Possibility this site has been created to serve.

The Members Circle

If you find the resources of the Mystery School and the articles in The Artist of Possibility journal compelling please join our Members Circle.

The Members Circle is a global community of inspired and awakening individuals engaging in a mutual effort to co-evolve together. Our members meet beyond the surface of reality to explore the mystery of spiritual growth and paradigm shifting. As a member you receive weekly guidance from Jeff Carreira as well as regular courses and retreats. You can also attend classes and workshops led by other members - or lead one yourself.

You can explore membership risk free with our 30-day money back guarantee.

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Members Circle
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Jeff Carreira
This is the inner circle where Jeff Carreira shares his latests insights and discoveries as they emerge through his own journey.

Sustain Your Awakening
Stay connected to your own deepest insights and realizations with inspiring and supportive resources, practices and programs.

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Expand & Grow
Explore new perspectives and ideas in the school and while you develop your own capacity to teach and share with others.

Connect with 350 + Members Worldwide
Engage with people from around the world who share your passion for spiritual growth, transformation, and meaningful connection.
Members share about their teaching experience in the Members Circle...

Susan Kullman

"I love teaching in the Members Circle! Showing up and being a part of such an expanded, open, an intimate community is all, as a teacher I could want. The collective wisdom and experience always allows us all to reach our own personal next level of evolution. It is a true pleasure to share in the Members Circle".

Rick Brodner

"It is a special blessing to teach in a community that is so rich in wisdom and loving kindness. My own philosophy is that the best teaching occurs when both teacher and students are engaged in heartfelt exploration - the teaching that emerges enriches and enlightens all who participate. The Members Circle offers endless possibilities for this kind of engagement - to teach within this community is a rare and precious opportunity."

Carol Sweeney

"Teaching within the intimate and sacred community of the Members Circle is a profound experience to co-create new realities steeped in Love and Grace."

Tim Werts

"The primary benefit that I received for being able to teach in the Members Circle was the opportunity to share and explore a topic of deep heartfelt interest with others already comfortable with transformational ideas, open to awakening practices, bringing their life experiences and spiritual paths. Creating the class provided an engaged, nurturing audience of fellow practitioners (which would have been difficult to find on my own) and, with that audience, allowed me share, explore, and discover the greater depth and finding a structure for an idea that initially was not fully mapped out but wanting to be born."

The Mystery School
for a New Paradigm

A Co-Evolutionary Spiritual Community Creating the Foundations of a New Reality

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